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is dragon the strongest in one piece

Unfortunately we really don't know anything else about his physical capability so we will be moving on to his intelligence, and although sometimes it may not seem like it, Next up is Haki which unfortunately we haven't seen, First let's begin with the Yami Yami no Mi which is a, Onto the explanation along with controlling darkness, it also allows the user to control the property of gravity that comes along with it, the darkness itself is like a void that devours and crushes everything it comes in contact with. Yes. Luffy’s signature technique is the Gum Gum pistol which allows him to deliver a punch as strong as a pistol shot. Although, So right away compared to all the information we have about Luffy, it feels as if. Not a chance, but compared to some of the other characters on this list, I still think his physical capabilities remain supreme and his pain tolerance is also on a whole new level. There are also a bunch of other pirate alliances or friendships Luffy has made but these were the ones I felt were most notable. I feel like Big Mom is close to their level of intelligence but she's just not quite that smart. So personally, I would put Mihawk’s haki above Luffy until proven otherwise and although Mihawk doesn't have a devil fruit, he proved at the Battle of Marineford  that he would not need one to take Luffy down, but if for some reason he did need one, Mihawk could always just swim out to sea where Luffy can't get him. Also, we will be covering a lot of information for each character, so be prepared for a lot of knowledge being thrown your way. Regarding his connections, at this point in the story, I will admit he falls a bit short compared to other characters but he also has another character on this list Luffy on his side meaning that the two could join their forces if need be giving Marco a huge edge and even giving Luffy more of an edge for that matter, but I will say since Marco’s connections took a big hit with the war, his biggest downfall in terms of strength is his connections, which is the main reason why I won't be able to put him any higher on this list. Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is one of the greatest and longest-running fictional series of all time. Since we know nothing about these two, they will not be on this list. Now that's impressive! Since Luffy is the main character and having progressed this far, he has created a seemingly endless amount of allies and compared to other characters who will appear on the list, Luffy has more allies than almost every single one of them. Since Luffy is the main character and having progressed this far, he has created a seemingly endless amount of allies and compared to other characters who will appear on the list, Luffy has more allies than almost every single one of them. Whereas Kizaru's makes him the fastest man alive, which in turn can lead to some devastating quick attacks that Sakazuki would never see coming, so I would consider these fruits equals in terms of how useful and strong they are, but I will be giving Kizaru’s devil fruit the win because of how scary his fruit can truly be, if he decides to go all-out with that speed and destructive power. He fights alone, travels alone and that's just the way he likes it. Virgo was probably the most important member of the four, regarding what he was tasked with doing, which was infiltrating the Marines from the inside as an undercover agent. Since Luffy is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in One Piece right now, in pretty much most of the aspects we are looking at, he takes the tenth place on this list. Along with the speed his devil fruit gives him, it makes it so pretty much everyone on this list is hopeless intaking him down. With these new strings, Doflamingo has also created a whole new plethora of techniques which we will go over now; Break White, which is where Doflamingo creates two gigantic pillars or sheets of string that wrap around his opponent and crush them. Of course we don't know a lot about Shanks’ intelligence but it's also hard for me to imagine him not being intelligent so I may just be biased in that case. Because of this, there has currently not been a poison shown to affect Luffy very much at all. Since he can travel so quickly, his normal kicks also travel at that abnormal speed, leading to an insanely powerful kick. So defensively, on top of his monstrous endurance, his haki is pretty darn good but not the best and offensively, it basically just makes all of his attacks a bit more powerful, but that's what armament haki does for pretty much everyone else. he is the most wanted man in the whole one piece world. He was also able to take a direct slash attack from Whitebeard without any lasting damage. Sign up for discounts, info about the hottest and latest products! But that is pretty much all we know about Kaido currently in regards to his power. Another attack is the Gum Gum king kong gun which essentially is the normal kong gun except this time around, Luffy blows even more air into his arms, similar to gear 3rd, to deliver an enormous compressed punch. So let's move onto the next Yonko we know about which is Charlotte Lin Lin better known as Big Mom. With that being said, he can still take some of the most powerful attacks head on with no issue. When it comes to his haki, we know that Marco is able to use armament haki and he is able to use it pretty proficiently. In Dressrosa arc, sabo used ‘dragon’s breath’ attack to destroy the arena of corrida colosseum. Big Mom only protects them as long as they can pay some sort of cost to her usually in candy or some other sweet, and if they fail to pay she will not only revoke her protection but also destroy the area in question. In terms of his strength, it is unimaginable. On top of that, when Luffy first fought Kuzan he was almost immediately defeated and at Marineford, although they didn't encounter each other for very long, it was very easy for Kuzan to take advantage of him once again. In regards to Kuzan, ice would probably be pretty effective against the biscuit soldiers to slow them down but we do not know for sure. Off-White, which is where Doflamingo creates two masses of string as a shield or defensive measure that can also push away his opponent. In terms of connections Kaido is the only one that compares at all but even his crew looks tiny when you compared to Big Mom's. Although Kaido does not have a huge amount of connections like Big Mom does he still has some of the most powerful allies in One Piece making him an even greater force to be reckoned with. Not only is her crew enormous, but they are also probably one of the most powerful. So why do I think Mihawk is more powerful than the other characters previously listed? The faster blood flow allows Luffy to become temporarily much faster and a little bit stronger as long as the technique is active; however this technique does take a toll on Luffy's body. Because they are allies to Kaido, they are also allied to Jack. However, it is the best in terms of destructive capabilities and since he has basically all of the allies Kizaru has including Kizaru for that matter, my opinion remains the exact same for what I said for Kizaru. Additionally, he was also able to take a point-blank gear second attack from Luffy without getting hurt too badly and even a hit from Sengoku in his Buddha form while only receiving minor injuries. When it comes to, Compared to Luffy, Cracker has the edge when it comes to raw physical power but his defense is not quite as good as Luffy's. Cracker can also create weapons for these figures and if he so chooses, extra limbs and weapons. The first is Kogatana which is basically Mihawk’s butter knife that he wears around his neck and uses it to eat, but if he also deems his opponent unworthy he will use this weapon against them and you may think well what the hell could he do to me with a butterknife? In regards to his durability, Cracker is a bit lacking because of how he was knocked unconscious from Luffy's tank man technique; however, to be fair, he flew quite a long way crashing into multiple objects along the way as well so it must have been a very powerful attack that consequently did a lot of damage to him. He also ended up losing his left leg in their battle and now uses a leg made out of ice as a prosthetic, so I also feel that his missing limb could cause Kuzan a lot of problems during a battle. Along with this, because his, Cracker can also apply haki to his biscuits which means not only do they become stronger and more durable, but they also now have the ability to hurt, Finally, in regards to his connections, at the moment it feels as if he doesn't have nearly as many as others on this list but it is important to consider that there are probably plenty of allies the audience doesn't know about. Even though his body is hardened with, Now it’s time to discuss the second gear fourth form: tank man. But the scariest ability of this fruit has to be the ability to nullify the powers of devil fruits just by simply touching the user which drains them of their abilities as long as Blackbeard is touching them. This regeneration ability is essentially his ultimate defense like I was talking about earlier because any hit Marco can take he can also heal instantly, meaning that he must have a high pain tolerance and endurance to be able to take so many hits even if they only hurt him for a moment. Next up, let's talk about his devil fruit. To put into perspective how strong these quake abilities are, one of them was powerful enough to split Marineford in half. Submit it to us here! But if I had to put my money on one character coming out on top it's going to be Shanks. One instance of this would be her alliance with the son pirates or fish man pirates by marrying her daughter praline to Aladeento form that family connection and to protect Fishman Island. What this connection consists of is currently unknown, however the fact that she has ties to the underworld is enough to secure her, and in turn Cracker, a higher role on the playing field. However, his armament haki is definitely the strongest we've seen on this list so far. The only instance of haki we've seen, Some of his techniques include; Yata no Kagami, which is where, So what do I think of his abilities and how does he compare to the other characters on this list. Next we'll talk about his haki, which unfortunately we have not seen him use. He is also currently one of the only six living characters that can use Conqueror’s haki, at least from what is revealed so far. The fact that Mihawk is able to go up against someone at that level of power by itself is amazing, but the fact that they fought near equal truly shows how strong Mihawk really is. The armor created is incredibly strong and when Luffy uses armament haki he not only greatly strengthens his normal attacks but he also strengthens the techniques created from his devil fruit. Additionally, with the added defense of being able to turn into light and let attacks bypass through him or even turn into light and quickly move out of the way to dodge attacks. In terms of devil fruits, Doflamingo would probably prevail against the biscuits, but Cracker could use armament haki with his biscuits to block Doflamingo’s strings; that being said, we don't know for sure. He then waits for his opponent to get close before launching a lightspeed downward slash at his opponent, Chi o Hau Zangeki, which is where Mihawk creates a downward slash so fast and powerful that it creates more cutting energy that travels a great speed through the ground and from this attack we also learned that this cutting energy is powerful enough to cut through steel as it easily took down Mr. 1 and finally this last attack is unnamed but was called the world's strongest slash by a marine. Intelligence wise, I don't even really need to explain myself because Jack is not a very intelligent character. Finally, in regards to his connections, at the moment it feels as if he doesn't have nearly as many as others on this list but it is important to consider that there are probably plenty of allies the audience doesn't know about. With over 80 children who will eventually be married into powerful families, therefore creating powerful allies because once these allies are married into her family they are automatically considered part of her crew, the amount of allies that Big Mom possesses could be somewhat endless. We can also assume his endurance and stamina is unmatched because he was able to battle Sakazuki alone for ten whole days on an island before finally being defeated. Finally, Sakazuki has what I would say is the best durability we've seen so far in the series. Currently, the main reason for this is because Luffy is one of the few characters that can utilize all three types of haki. Now that we know what this devil fruit can do, let's look at some of his signature techniques; Parasite, which is basically where he controls one or more people like a puppet. To be safe, we will give the edge to Doflamingo in terms of devil fruit abilities. The other possibility would be that Jack does not have the ability to use haki, but even if he doesn't have haki he doesn't need it either because he is literally physically stronger than any other character we've seen so far. Here’s Why. For now, I'm willing to likely say he can use it very proficiently. This really helps him when it comes to intelligence as he makes up for it with his very strong willpower. You see Kizaru's personality is very hard to read, therefore so is his level of intelligence. Along with this, the ties Big Mom has to the underworld and the New Fish-Man Pirates we can predict that there is even more than meets the eye. Top 10 Strongest One Piece CharactersSubscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? It should also be noted that Kaido's dream is to create the strongest crew the world has ever seen by composing it of nothing but devil fruit users so these gift errs are superior in strength to the pleasures and then after that we have the three disasters which are Kaido’s strongest members and his right-hand men the only one we know about currently is Jack who is strong enough on his own to make it on this list so I can only imagine what the other two are like in addition to his crew Kaido also has his allies and subordinates the first we'll mention is Doflamingo and caesar clown they were in charge of getting Kaido his smiles and although Doflamingo and caesar were defeated and the smile production was stopped Kaido still considers at th every least Doflamingo and ally as he sent Jack to rescue him and like we talked about earlier Doflamingo is also on this list meaning that so far Kaido has two of the strongest allies in One Piece even though he considers Doflamingo rather weak.

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