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why did ben kill jacob

In the end, it is shown that Jacob is in a coma. This is the second point: viewing television series as long novels or films. Andy comes to know from Lynn Canavan that some eyewitnesses had seen an old blue Lincoln car outside Leonard’s home the night he had died. Obama won the election. Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. The found a cabin and when John was inside, a voice said "help me..!". Debating spoiler etiquette? However, the island itself is Purgatory and the "survivors" are all there to work out all of the issues they had in life before they can either ascend into Heaven or descend into Hell. I do find it funny though that the title is a spoiler and the next line is "Warning: spoilers ahead." Jonathan's dilemma is one that many people, unfortunately, have developed in these recent years: they feel that a television episode has been written and displayed entirely for them. A change of pace. One is dark.”. Agreed. And no, I don't plan on shelling out $712 for the dvd series. ALSO READ | The Vast Of Night Ending Explained: What Happens To Everett And Fay At The End? I looked at the title and knew right of the bat that "Duh, Ben stabbed Jacob" so unless I hadn't seen the episode I would I wouldn't have read any further. Why is he such an asshole? Jimmy, Jonathan, as has been mentioned before it's only a "spoiler" if it comes before the show has been aired. Did Jacob Barber kill Ben? But the last year or two have become so far-fetched on the believability scale, that I'm really glad it is coming to an end. Johnny boy should have seen the episode by now, but the title was a bit much. does anyone remember that? Their dice were made of bones.”, Locke: “Two players. I got my hands on some advance copies and decided to watch the pilot episode just to see what struck me, lo, these many years later. Or perhaps they reasoned that they couldn’t carry out revenge on Shechem the Chieftan as the townsmen would surely kill them. Everyone Although if I haven't seen a show yet I will tend to avoid watching or reading anything about it for fear of a spoiler. Hope I didn't spoil it for you. The fact that, like Sting in a night of tantric bliss he was holding off for the release (of DVDs), only goes to show that, inexplicably, he feels that the immediacy of television makes for bad television and that viewing it in DVD form is what the creators of the show actually intended. They go out on a romantic meal together, but Andy and Laurie see Jacob back home earlier than expected and not in the same white shirt that he had worn. Despite his discovery, Andy believes Jacob is innocent, as does his wife Laurie (portrayed on screen by Michelle Dockery). Maybe they felt they deserved punishment for their indifference to Shechem’s crime. I read this article, and wasn't too mad because I still don't know what happens up til then or what it even really means for the show. Jacob believed in the light, kindness, and love and that humans always had a choice in what they did. Hey Johnathan – next season's premier reveals that Kate and Jack are brother and sister! Your comment was great. You have to use your head. Don't get too mad at Ben and as for poor Jonathan , the four toed geno-race will rise again to take their proper place alongside humanity in real time... you'll see.....oh yes.... you will SEE.... Jonathan, it's your own fault for reading this article. I can't wait until the next season to wrap up all the questions! Jacob tells police that he tried to revive Ben after spotting his body in the woods, which would explain the presence of his fingerprint, but they still keep him in jail overnight. Flashbacks are shown where he can be seen involved in this, but he refuses it in front of Andy. Ahhh that's horrible, I didn't even notice that! The serial nature of the medium - dispersing it over a number of weeks (and in the shows entirety, years), the show takes on a greater tautology that forces people to anticipate before enjoyment. At first, angry at Gilligan for doing another one of his stupid stunts, the castaways are then grateful when the United States Coast Guard spots the smoke and rescues them. Tony Evers (D) was quick with a righteous but ultimately unsatisfying response. Because spoilers are uncool, guy. Their car incident is deemed as an accident and Laurie is also hurt gravely. Wonder if that has anything to do with the plot? “Ben” follows every order given to him by the enigmatic “Jacob” over the years and wasn’t allowed to ever see him in person. Did they post the (WARNING: Spoilers ahead.) Be's 2009 and there's a lot of different technologies out there to get access to tv episodes. Hey Jonathan, sorry to spoil it for you, but in season 1 – the plane crashes!!!! And folks – people's viewing habits are very different now and we all need to accept that. His adoptive motherdelivered the brothers and then killed Claudia. Speaking of “Lost,” seasons one and two are out on Blu Ray June 16th. I think Jacob knew that either Ben would choose not to be MiB's puppet, or that he could see that by allowing this to happen, Ben would eventually come to see the … Father O’Leary, the henchman, was asked to protect the family by Andy’s father and convicted murderer Billy. This is Jonathan's problem. For example, he ordered Ben to kill Rousseau and the baby (Alex). Five thousand years old. The show stars Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, Jaeden Martell, Cherry Jones, Pablo Schreiber, Betty Gabriel, Sakina Jaffrey and J.K. Simmons. Jacob Blake was named by Wisconsin’s governor as the man who was shot and seriously wounded by a Kenosha police officer at close range in a graphic scene that … He needs to die so he can rise again, and so he goads Ben, who for decades believed in Jacob without ever actually seeing him, (like any religion) into killing him. John told him he was going to do it! Once your eyes scan that headline, it's spoiled, even if you weren't looking for the information. They are informed that the President is now Jimmy Carter, and that they had missed the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. After Jack leaves to restore the Heart, Ben also suggests to Hurley that he doesn't have to "protect" the island in the same way that Jacob did, and that maybe Hurley will find a better way. Ooops...I broke the first rule. I agree – the so called after the fact spoiler was not in the title – the title was "Lost star wants to know what's going on" and you have to click on the article in order to get to a page with spoilers. Andy sits in Jacob’s room quietly as the show ends. THAT is disclosing a spoiler. did anyone check his pulse? Locke is now the leader of the "Others". MWC – love your post! One similarity between the book and the series that remains intact is how it’s never explicitly stated whether Jacob really did kill Ben. After the show has aired, again, it is only one week in which people should keep mum over the plot points of the episode. The open-ended show leaves it to the viewers to decide on it. In this show, nothing that happens really has happened. ha, a guy with the name Zork calling LOST old. Angry about “Jacob’s” lack of respect and why the other character got to see him so quickly, he asks, “What about me?” Jacob just looks at him and says, “What about you?” And then, Ben stabs him. Yes, he threatens to kill Jacob after Jacob has both stolen his birthright and deceptively received his dying father's 1st-born blessing. I mean it will be interesting to see. Then one night I realized that there WAS no forward to move the story to. It is not the fault of this article for "spoiling" anything. Soylent Green is people. Rather, Ben's killing of Jacob is not within the full cultural consciousness: it is now saturated. The finale should be very interesting indeed.... Man! Charles Witmore lived on the island 30 years ago. Wow. That final episode aired on May 13th! Jayalalithaa's Poes Garden residence Veda Nilayam to be open for public from January 28? Jacob was the fraternal twin of The Man in Black and the first-born of Claudia, who survived a shipwreck off the Island. Will. I haven't watched it in two years and I have zero interest in renting DVDs to see if I missed anything(according to the article, I haven't). Two, the title of the article is on the main page of But Ben’s mother Joan was struggling to cope. I'm on your side, Jonathan. You can't be that naive. Every bit of the storyline is what you call a 'throwaway,' some mystery that you never have to explain(like a sonic screwdriver) because the characters were all killed in a plane crash in the first episode, just as we all thought by the third episode. haha. Clicking on a link titled the way it was is really taking a risk of being exposed to spoilers. Also, ever hear of a DVR? It has moved from "post-viewing" spoiling to "pre-viewing" spoiling. Why you would wait months to watch the show and still read articles about it is beyond me. The show has one last season to go and a lot of loose ends to tie up. His killing of Jacob was pretty understandable, given that he felt Jacob was responsible for not preventing his daughter's death After killing Jacob and learning all about Nemesis he still seeks to try turn the situation to his advantage. There's also a lot of talk that season 6 will be about a war between Jacob and his followers vs. his Nemesis (the "Loophole Guy"), with the Losties playing the pivotal role. Ann Warman I believe that Jacob not only killed Ben, but Hope as well. Kaizer Soze is the gimp. Surprisingly, the … Hey man, any true Lost fan has watched, re-watched and re-re-re-watched the season finale by now, along with all of the past Season! I don't know about that but I can't wait to see it all unfold, I know it will be as amazing as the rest of the show has been, though on another level, man, how awful it will be when its all over!!! Bruce Willis is really dead in The Sixth Sense. Seriously??? Read Jonathan's comment again folks. granted the episode aired weeks ago, but you can't say that it was his fault for reading the article. I only started watching Lost because I thought the plane crash was cool. Obviously you care enough about the show to read the article and then write a comment about it even your eyes....its "time to fold". In the end, it is shown that Jacob is in a coma. It's not a spoiler. I was going to wait until Season 6 came out on DVD before I viewed them all for the first time from the very beginning...Ben Linus? Too bad for those who hadn't watched the show. Jacob was trying to provoke Ben into killing him, possibly in hopes he would resist the temptation. Following the order to kill Ben made by Helen, Omar instructed Nelson to kill her. There must, however, also be a social sensitivity toward the new technology that changes the way in which people view the show. Jonathan, if you didn't want it to be spoiled why would you read articles about the show? Wow, I like Lost but you people need to get a life! It's ok though, he didn't really spoil anything super important for you, there's a lot that will keep you any true Lost fan knows, nothing is ever straightforward with this show! Maybe I will get to do a play. Their car incident is deemed as an accident and Laurie is also hurt gravely. And I agree it's not cool. I hope I didn't ruin it for you. Archaeologists found sets when they excavated the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia. It is not a "spoiler" once the item in question (TV show, movie, book, etc,) has been released to the public. (Lying to Richard and the Others). You can avoid reading Lost articles all you want but a quick glance at news stories will give you a spoiler. That means whether he chose to read the article or not, he was at definite risk of seeing something he didn't want to see through no fault of his own. Andy sits in Jacob’s room quietly as the show ends. When Gilligan and the castaways (The original Lost) awaken one morning , they realize that the hut they were has been swept off the island by a tidal wave and the hut is now a makeshift raft. BTW...In Usual Suspects Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze, In Sixth Sense Bruce Willis' character is dead the while time, and in Seven Gwenyth Paltrow's head is in the box. That's older than Jesus Christ.”, Locke: [nods] “But theirs weren't made of plastic. If you have nothing but time, you can go to and selectively watch any or all episodes of LOST from Season One through Five for free at least for now. Jonathan, Yeah, seriously, it's not a spoiler after it's aired. Defending Jacob is a limited series made for Apple TV. Why would you wait for the DVDs? This, of course, is an interesting argument on two levels: first, solipsistic approaches to entertainment consumption and, second, viewing television as a very (very) long film. I have to agree with Jeff and Jamie. The problem is the spoiler is IN THE TITLE. Laurie drives in full speed, crashing the car into a tunnel wall, possibly killing them both. I hope FlashForward, with Dom, lives up to the hype. I caught up with Michael Emerson, who plays the mysterious “Ben Linus” on “Lost,” at a premiere recently. Jonathan just needs to avoid any Lost articles after a season is aired. Get him! After being towed to Hawaii, the castaways are at first confused by modern life. We just like to know what happens consecutively without having to wait a whole week.. Relax everyone, including Jonathan. You know, it will be exciting. So just to be on the safe side all articles on this site should contain a Spoiler Alert. BEN didn't kill Jacob on LOST- LOCKE did- or someone in Locke's body, probably the man who was talking to Jacob on the beach in flashbacks, saying how badly he wanted to kill him and would find a loophole. The very fact that television can be "held" and distributed in a number of ways, including DVD and iTunes, changes everything. Yet, Jonathan has just fallen into the pithole of this. Teasing is understandable to some extent but please – be nice. What the heck are people talking about as far as 'spoiling' anything??? Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. The Stolen Blessing … 40 You shall live by the sword and serve your brother. Yikes. I totally agreed that this wasn't a "spoiler" since the episode aired weeks ago and anyone who is a Lost fan would have caught up with missed episodes by now. A shame they couldn't have titled it better, especially in the age of DVD and TiVo. Although everything points out the fact that he committed the murder. However, no one would say to someone who's about to watch it, "Mufasa dies by an antelope herd". This, one can be sure, is a common practice. Jonathan is owed something sweet from Spoiler, schmoiler. Laurie decides to take matters in her own hands. I would like him to find out - I would like ME to find out - what the heck is going on. Jonathan, does he even have a pulse? It's not a spoiler, the episode already aired and you probably shouldn't click on anything that says "Lost" or "Why Did Ben Kill Jacob on Lost?" You realize Jonathan was pulling your leg, don't you? That is to say, if you talk about Mufasa's death in "The Lion King" in everyday conversation, no one would think anything of it as a spoiler because it is no longer in the immediate post-viewing period. But I'll get a script for the first episode in August and I hope it will be revealing.” Shooting resumes mid-August in Hawaii. Spoilers, though, only matter (viz. Doesn't spoil the evening news for us? The boy says that in the last two years, there have been roughly eight molestations in nearby Paynesville, Minnesota. You can watch the complete episodes on, why haven't you seen it yet...? Two sides. Jacob and his brother led a carefree life on the island, roaming the beaches, hunting, and playing games. I am however very heartened to see so many worrying about my untimely demise (no pun intended). It's not a spoiler after the fact. Finally, there is also a theory that in order for the return trip to work, a dead body was required as a proxy for the original body of Christian. This is why things went all wonky when he moved the Island by turning the frozen donkey wheel… Jacob renamed him Benjamin, “Son of My Right Hand” (Genesis 35:18). Like when you find out that blahblah isn't blahblah and in the opening scene where you see blahblah floating towards blahblah and that other guy. Who the hell is Ben Linus?!?! “That's a good question. At 3:40 p.m., less than 48 hours after Jacob Wetterling is abducted while riding his bike, a local high school sophomore walks into the Stearns County Sheriff's Office with his father and asks to meet with an investigator. He says he saw two of the assaults and that someone grabbed the boys off their bikes and threatened them wit… For example over at they have an article about Charlie next season. There is still a lot of stuff that makes the final season episode worth watching. Seriously, I would have lost my mind if I saw this title and hadn't seen the episode. Laurie gets distant from Andy and Jacob and goes to Rifkin's' to confess about Jacob. She takes Jacob with her for a haircut but confronts him, to tell the truth. When a local teenager named Ben Rifkin is found dead, Jacob quickly becomes the primary suspect due to comments made on social media, both by himself and classmates. news ‘Why did they kill him?’: Ben Madex’s sister issues plea after Drouin police shooting. Arrrghh! Your fault if you wait months later to view. There is no shelf life as to what can be considered a spoiler so the argument that it's 'not a spoiler' if the episode has already aired is totally irrelevant, and just plain inaccurate; it's a spoiler anytime it reveals information you did not know, and probably did not WANT to know. Hmm…  Are Jacob and a character some fans call “Loophole Guy” light and dark forces from ancient Mesopotamia playing some cosmic contest with human lives on the island? “That's what he had to do. Laurie is now convinced that Jacob had killed Ben and possibly Hope as well. PS: Kristin Shepard shot JR. I agree with Emerson, I don’t know what’s going on. Notice how all the main Losties have had "father" issues at one point in their lives. Ben has given up 35 years of his life serving him, only to be supplanted as the favorite by Locke. Zork, you're an idiot. and eventually, they blow up the hatch! Seriously, that episode aired weeks ago. Sweet Jesus! But when you rebel, you will tear his yoke from your neck.” 41 Esau held a grudge against Jacob because of the blessing his father had given him.

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