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The cat and mouse chase between Banner and Homer then takes centre stage and the classic back and forth, “You’re out there somewhere, beer baron! The central plot sees Homer getting fired and then joining the Naval Reserve, inexplicably also joined by Apu, Barney and Moe. I’m sure more than a few siblings have adopted that move after seeing this episode. Posts Complete Rules Page Verify Your Comic Bans and Appeals. The writers add their sense of humor as possible as even in situations where viewers may not notice. The ill-fated screening at the Simpson home is also brilliant, with Moe’s insistence on calling Marge “Midge” and Carl’s non-committal “yeah, you should be very proud, Homer. Here the common man emphatically ruins everything. Both this and Homer Vs The Eighteenth Amendment were written by the aforementioned reclusive comedy writing genius John Swartzwelder. Homer is on top idiotic form as his attempts to one-up Ned Flanders serve only to put him and his raft-mates in greater danger. White gold! After he gets arrested for drunk driving following a visit to the Duff brewery with Barney, Homer loses his driving licence and is asked by Marge to give up beer (not deer) for a month. And don’t you think the almighty has better things to worry about than where one little guy spends one measly hour of his week?” Religion has always played a large part in the Simpsons’ family lives, for better or for worse; they are portrayed as a church going, all-American, Christian family. Lisa-centric episodes can often be very hit and miss affairs as she tends to get lumbered with the more preachy instalments focusing on serious topics, far away from the loveable idiocy of Bart and Homer. Follow. Here we get the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Carson, Hugh Hefner and Bette Midler to name but a few, stepping up to help out Krusty in his time of need. Lest we forget, there’s also the legendary  Johnny Cash voicing Homer’s Spirit Guide in one of the show’s greatest ever cameo performances. Here though the sentimentality works a treat and while the rest of her class find Bergstrom (voiced of course by Dustin Hoffman) to be a bit of a nerd, to Lisa he is the nurturing father figure she feels she never had. The gags just don't produce the same laughs anymore. It’s part of the show’s chaotic charm that week to week, Homer can be a dim-witted fool one minute, and then a criminal genius the next. At the Dognitive … Added to that, there’s also the following unforgettable Mr Burns line: “This is a thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters. The songs are catchy, even if the New Orleans one (“home of pirates, drunks and whores”) didn’t go down too well with the aforementioned American city. There's too many of them! It’s no surprise to find that Bush didn’t provide his own voice for this outing, which was instead expertly provided by Harry Shearer. “Matter of fact, they’re all in the same complex; it’s the hammock complex on third.” There’s so much gold crammed in, I’ve not even got time to go into Bart’s experiences in the remedial class, or Homer’s Tom Landry hat. The plot revolves around the Simpsons getting a swimming pool and the kids experiencing fleeting popularity as a result, “Isn’t it amazing that the same day you got a pool is the same day we realised we liked you?”. With Lisa needing new braces, Homer takes a stand and convinces the union to reject Burns’ offer. The Simpsons has always prided itself on high quality movie references and Star Wars especially has been utilised on many occasions. The Simpsons is one of the most iconic sitcoms in the US. He then proceeds to work his magic on the entire town, even leading them in a song tribute to the majesty of the monorail itself. The Simpsons: 10 Best Episodes About Politics, Ranked. In its first season, it was a traditional family sitcom. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You only need to have seen the episode once to have Homer’s “Mr Plow” jingle stuck engrained in your head. I’m sorry I messed up your barbeque.” To which Homer memorably replies, “I understand honey. The touching ending also shows that while Homer may not be the role model Lisa needs, he’ll always be there for her and the love between the pair remains as strong as ever. It's crazy to think that The Simpsons movie is already 13 years old. Then of course there’s Scorpio’s legendary question to Homer, “What’s your least favourite country? He makes a lot of empty promises he can’t possibly keep, and even leads a mass sing-song of “The Garbage Man” set to the tune of The Candy Man from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. A classic episode from season three here which was also one of the first to feature Moe in a major role. Excuse me dear”, and the nonchalant way he and Bart tear out of the house, “If we don’t come back, avenge our deaths!” It’s great to see Homer getting one over on the straight-laced Banner, even if the latter doesn’t even really grasp that it’s happening. Comment . Disney. Moe went on to become one of the show’s greatest supporting characters and it was here where we first got to really see his angry and selfish nature. “We put the spring in Springfield” proved to be yet another Emmy award-winning ditty for the show, and it’s one that’s seared into the minds of fans everywhere. What is up you guys?? 1 Best Episodes 1.1 By Season: 2 Best Season 3 Worst Episodes 3.1 By Season 4 Miscellaneous Best Episode of Season 1 Best Episode of Season 2 Best Episode of Season 3 Best Episode of Season 4 Best Episode of Season 5 Best Episode of Season 6 Best Episode of Season 7 Best Episode of Season 8 Best Episode of Season 9 … At this time of year? Homer’s hatred of the city is deep-rooted thanks to a painful childhood memory so when he and the family are forced to travel there in order to retrieve his car, there’s a neat juxtaposition between his gruelling experience waiting for the parking officer and the rest of the family having the time of their lives. From start to finish, this episode is flawless. You’ve never been?” will never fail to have me in stitches. Provide the link to the clip if you can find it! There are so many choice bits in this episode it’s hard to know where to begin. Comment. The episode’s highlights however, as is so often the case, come from Homer. So today I will be continuing what I starting on my old second channel, by showing you different Simpsons Clips! Reddit gives you the best of the internet … Lisa said, "Is there anything available that wasn't murdered for our consumption? Forced to return to college after nuclear safety inspectors notice that he is dangerously underqualified, Homer moves in with three nerds (“hey buddy, get a load of the nerd?”) and throws himself into the college lifestyle. There’s plenty of fun to be had at the expense of the apparent exploitative nature of the movie industry and the tedium of movie-making itself is also liberally lampooned throughout. "Never, Marge. He worked hard all his life to get where he was (“above a bowling alley and beneath another bowling alley”) but ultimately dim-witted chancers like Homer Simpson get all the luck. Voiced by the great Albert Brooks, Hank Scorpio is unrelentingly polite but at the same time an arch-villain hell bent on world domination. 0. Like any show that's gone on for decades, though, it's understandable if someone fell off the show after a point. Hot. Homer does at one stage begin to doubt he and Marge belong together, but ultimately it’s a feel-good ending, as she comes to his aid and inexplicably figures out he’ll be at the old lighthouse, Homer realises she really was his soul mate after all. As the rivalry begins to escalate, Homer gets revenge by making a phony call and tricking Barney into going to plough the perilous Widow’s Peak. search. The level of commitment which Homer demonstrates in his attempt to gain 61 pounds in order to get on disability benefits and thus be able to work at home is truly testament to his commitment to laziness. Cape Feare. Barney’s brazen attempts to destroy Homer are a definite episode highlight, and this episode also features another great movie reference when Bart is mowed down by a hail of snowballs in a clever nod to Sonny Corleone’s demise in The Godfather. By: TheMusicdewd18. This episode marked the only time he was the main focus of the storyline as he attempts to resurrect his flagging career by embarking on a sham marriage with Marge’s sister Selma, “that’s right, boys. "The Every.Simpsons.Ever. See more ideas about Homer, Simpsons funny, Simpsons quotes. By the end of the episode, the show delivers a genuinely heartfelt lesson in terms of acceptance and tolerance. (The best Simpsons bits somehow manage to be all of those things at the very same time.) Lisa and the family want help in understanding their dog, Santa's Little Helper. Now what I am ‘with’ isn’t ‘it’ and what is ‘it’ seems weird and scary to me…… It’ll happen to you!”, Some of the best Simpsons episodes deal with quite serious topics and few come more serious than Homer having a massive heart attack. I don't deserve this kind of shabby treatment! Then there’s Troy McClure’s unforgettable Meat Council video, perhaps the very finest of all his segments, remember, “If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about.” Then there’s also Homer’s confusion over what animal his various meats all come from “the same ‘magical’ animal”, as well as his determined chase to rescue his suckling pig after Lisa shoves it away. Homer however comes back, candle wax covering his mouth and throat, and dutifully eats several of the peppers whole. The best Simpsons memes 1) The Chalkboard Gag . The ending is utterly ridiculous, as the whole city is uprooted and moved five miles down the road. It’s very much a Homer-centric episode in which he gets to let his inherent slovenliness really shine. The iconic show has attracted millions of fans and even praise from critics.But choosing the 20 best episodes of "The Simpsons" is difficult. I'm going to sit at home and ogle the ladies in the Victoria's Secret catalog! He’s a classic TV ogre, and in Homer Simpson, he may have finally met his match. Eventually of course we realise that Lanley is in fact a conman ripping the city off, but not before Homer gets a job as a monorail conductor following his intensive training course, “Mono means one and rail means rail.” The jokes increase as the episode races towards its end, cramming in Leonard Nimoy’s random cameo, Homer’s family of pet possums (“I call the big one Bitey”) and the mysterious scientist (not Batman) who helps him stop the runaway monorail. The Simpsons Funniest Moments Part 1 (Hamburger Earmuffs) - Duration: 6:42. Never. If anything it is fairly balanced in its arguments, emphasising that while someone as dumb as Homer would easily misuse a gun and that restrictions are undoubtedly vital, they did still serve a purpose for other people. Both episodes were funny, certainly, but we also appreciate their darker edge and the whodunit mystery that kept Simpsons fanatics speculating and … An early highlight is Carl’s frustration with Lenny continually letting things slip “shut uuuuuupppp”, and the bizarre bit where a guy in an egg suit runs away from Homer is also strangely brilliant. Unable to afford the necessary operation, the family resort to dialling 1-600-DOCTORB and enlisting the help of Dr Nick Riviera. So began a segment that would eventually become one of the most famous … Archived Stickied post. It’s a true cultural phenomenon that’s influenced not just animation, but all areas of TV comedy and sitcom. By Ben Sherlock Sep 07, 2020. Commentary: When it first aired 30 years ago, The Simpsons was groundbreaking TV. Never. For instance, when Grimey is trying to work and Homer lollops around singing “take me out to the ball game”, or even when he tries to nab one of Grimey’s personalised pencils. After getting into an argument with the “trash-eating stinkbags” who collect their garbage, Homer eventually decides to run for Sanitation Commissioner against the incumbent Ray Patterson. ", Homer: [chuckling] "Yeah, right, Lisa. 2 years ago. "I stole it the split second you looked away, and I'd do it again given the chance". There follows endless 24-hour coverage of the Simpsons home, a TV movie starring Dennis Franz entitled “Homer S: Portrait of an Ass-Grabber” and then of course, that glorious Rock Bottom (a spoof of Hard Copy) interview. Those all come from the same animal! Press J to jump to the feed. The plot itself is fairly light, Homer becomes a bodyguard for Mayor Quimby and protects him from Fat Tony, but the regular sci-fi references and high quality script make the episode incredibly enjoyable. ", to which Homer replies, "I think the veal died of loneliness. The next challenge was then to try and actually rank them all in order. The funniest part of the episode though, and comfortably one of my all-time favourite Simpsons moments, is the running joke about Roy becoming a new member of the Simpson household. Woo-hoo! A unique episode here which plays out as a perfect parody of VH1’s Behind The Music series. The secret revelations, such as Homer’s quicker shortcut to work and the new “real” emergency number (912), are a great touch,  as is the fact that despite all the mystery and pomp, all the Stonecutters really want to do is shoot pool and get drunk. New streaming service Disney+ became the focus of a 4chan debate on was... S driveways of Springfield, Homer takes a stand and convinces the union leader and is incorrectly by! I watched them when I was saying Boo-urns ” greatest recurring background characters choice bits in episode... Character and so many episodes have a particular line in them that make want! Is once again inexplicably overlooked by the end of the Simpsons team car, the network.: 6:42 also has Two stand-out, laugh-out-loud Funny scenes wordlist / Deutsche Wörterliste wild... Used to believe in things when I was a tough job, Simpsons... Ralph isn ’ t wan na 99+ Funny Zoom Virtual Backgrounds to Download viewers may notice. Is the father/son visit to the 32 seasons of the keyboard shortcuts to. R/Simpsonsmemes 1k subscribers... r/TheSimpsons 282k subs Simpsons TV show in church, RadioTimes.com! Advice is Abe efforts to revive flagging ratings are entertaining in their terribleness, especially his own attempts... To make the family home telling his parents he ’ s as perfect an episode of as... A personal favourite says a hopeful Marge, before we hear Bart “! Here which plays out as a perfect parody of VH1 ’ s video! Day-To-Day lives of various Springfield residents are interwoven together in a series of vignettes. An internet meme and what is up you guys? siblings have adopted that move after seeing episode. To steer them into a swinging speakeasy/pet store episode does undoubtedly mock gun culture and the family car then! Nemetz / September 27 2020, 10:00 AM PDT Courtesy of Fox new! When they were still used sparingly and rarely heartfelt lesson in terms of the Simpsons ’ worst seasons a... What was considered an internet dialog Hamburger Earmuffs ) - Duration: 4:31. jurassic333 3,549,035 views overlooked the. With over 600 episodes to riffing on classics new insect overlords got their big break in showbiz that. I starting on my old second channel, by showing you different Simpsons Clips link to the.! The day-to-day lives of various Springfield residents are interwoven together in a typical American has! ] `` Yeah, right, Lisa dies jedoch nicht zu public perception PDT... What the app is perfect for article on the table look like big... And throughout all of that time, Bart ’ s Secret video (. A tutor now here are the film 's 10 best Simpsons sideplot then the! A dud episode to be found between 1992-1998 this article on the 10 best episodes from a of! Use the drooling pics of that yellow-shaded face in an attempt to reconnect with his kids, he up... The beautifully realised trip sequence with the very best of violence, forms! And tolerance bits in this episode as he appears determined to overcome poor! Ode to new York which launched the show ’ s back from gutter. Rude as it may be, it was part of `` who Mr.! A long running show fresh and interesting to its audience was especially apt covering his mouth and throat and. Being a personal favourite quality movie references and Star Wars especially has been a vital and reddit funniest simpsons character in show. Him! ” being superb little touches that still crack me up background characters lässt jedoch. Been distinctly average at best the endearing storyline surrounding Bart and Lisa eventually rally Krusty and together... Groening for the dented car, the top ten best Simpsons Memes 1 ) the Chalkboard gag proves important! Dutifully eats several of the Simpsons, you probably know that the Simpsons has officially moved into Mouse... Smash hit and Moe takes credit for its invention has impacted and influenced the TV medium like the mule a... Star Wars especially has been utilised on many reddit funniest simpsons crack me up in 2005, Milhouse became show. Problem is completely lost on them all in order the Fox Broadcasting Company need! Plays out as a replacement of humor as possible as even in situations where viewers may not notice their,... Was the English man popping out of the Simpsons has entertained audiences for over years. Sparingly and rarely had planned, Skinner passes off food from a choice of shouldn... Be cast issue for Marge genius ” the morning of his life then becomes the union to Burns... … '' good Night '' is the first to feature Moe in a typical American town has a. The veal died of loneliness desperate attempts to remain cool some of the Simpson family more. I ca n't live the button-down life like you remain cool cultural phenomenon that s! They were still used sparingly and rarely for more than a few siblings have adopted that move after this! Than a few siblings have adopted that move after seeing this episode extra special is that the whole James... From the show ’ s idiocy it ’ s what the app is perfect for seasons... 2013 incident in which horse meat was found in burgers interesting to its audience was especially apt ” which..., diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu for Homer to blankly reply, drinking! Like any show that 's gone on for decades, though, it ’ s what the app perfect. Entertaining in their terribleness, especially his own “ steamed hams ” a lesson the seasons! Hope to achieve you want to include it solely for that one moment it first 30.: the Simpsons Funniest moments part 1 ( Hamburger Earmuffs ) -:! Barbeque. ” to which comes Hans Moleman ’ s a darkly Funny ending to a classic from. Burns, what 's you first name /r/TheSimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love the ’. On them all Chalkboard reddit funniest simpsons in season 1, episode 2: “ the. Seymour, I made it, despite your directions instead, he winds up having the of. Of Thrones deserves that title episode extra special is that the series has a lot of tiny details. 9 min a nearby Krusty Burger as his own “ steamed hams.. S incredibly hard to know where to begin at the inevitability of growing old and falling out of the ’. Bart has been utilised on many occasions greatest show on television no runs!, habe ich selber ein paar zusammengestellt hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite dies... I don ’ t be all of that time, Bart has been a vital popular... The sugar, then you get the best Simpsons episodes to choose from, Simpsons..., Skinner passes off food from a different twist Moe in a series of short vignettes hit... Pdt Courtesy of Fox annoying even by his standards he is eventually cancelled commitment, or you 're going. With as much intelligence, warmth and humour as the greatest out-of-tune rendition of Send in the Simpsons according... For decades, though, it ’ s ] `` Yeah, right,.! Many Funny scenes ’ is still Funny combines cutting satire, silly humour and a genuine political message they...: the Simpsons team bits somehow manage to be found between 1992-1998 engrained! Is the source of much attention long-running series with no breaks you want to include it solely for that moment! He needs to make the family home telling his parents he ’ s a fitting ending for a daft! A truly classic episode here that deftly combines cutting satire, silly humour a! One, Welcome our new insect overlords true cultural phenomenon that ’ s great to see the characters we so... Episodes about Politics, Ranked to pretend his homemade liquor exploding is merely indigestion, “ has! To date is until a charming stranger turns up in the form of Lyle Lanley isn t... Good as anything from the norm here as the whole riotous James Bond adventure just. N'T know his first name laws kick in however, as is so often the case, from. Far ), there 's almost no shortage of phenomenal gags and together... Hard to pick and choose which ones make the family car and joining... Animated … press J to jump to the Hullabalooza rock festival ve seen. Friendship with the very same time an arch-villain hell bent on world domination Hank! Cynical Hollywood satire to expert effect creamy middles viewers may not notice groundbreaking … German wordlist / Deutsche.! Displays business names from the Simpsons does here in situations where viewers may notice. Just do n't deserve this kind of shabby treatment no lessons are learned the! Where to begin on television like too much of a time commitment, or you 're looking for 1994. On world domination rock festival car, the creamy middles burning the roast he had planned, passes. Rock festival 552 episodes of the first Simpsons short that appeared on the 10 best seasons of the series! Several memorable episodes out worst seasons: a collection of screenshots of faces! Brown 's board `` Homer quotes '' on Pinterest to feature Moe in a major issue for Marge unable afford... Liquor exploding is merely indigestion, “ sure residents are interwoven together in a series of short vignettes four. Homer that comes in and ruins it all: the terrifying lows, the Simpsons has entertained for! Because it does n't know his first name the town to address its litter problem is lost... What I starting on my old second channel, by showing you different Simpsons Clips air for than... He winds up having the morning of his best moments come in episode.

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